Access & Utility Towers

Access and Utility Towers for ship building
Source – BAE LinkedIn Post

Ingenia and Smart Fabrication identified a tender opportunity via ICN for the design, construct, supply and installation of purpose-built Access and Utility Towers for use in the Osborne Naval Shipbuilding Precinct (ONSP).

The ONSP, located in Osborne South Australia, comprises of modern, state-of-the-art steel in, ship out shipbuilding facilities for the building and sustainment of naval ships and submarines. These include the Hunter Class Frigates, the Collins-Class Submarines, and the new Nuclear-Powered Submarines to be manufactured under the AUKUS agreement.

As part of being a state-of-the-art facility, the ergonomics and efficiency of access methods for shipbuilders during the construction, consolidation and “future-proofing” of the shipyard was of high priority. It was then identified that the design, supply and installation of purpose-built Access and Utility Towers was required, which was then posted for tender via the ICN.

Ingenia were confident that we would provide a product and service that would exceed the high expectations of the defence industry, especially due to the Ingenia, Smart Fab, and Dematec Automation team having successfully completed multiple projects within the ONSP, for which we were nominated for the 2021 DTC (Defence Teaming Centre) Teaming Award.

Once awarded the tender, and after the excitement and realisation of the achievement set in, Ingenia proceeded with the mechanical and structural design phase of the project to include the multiple features required for the enhancement of the ergonomics and efficiency of shipbuilding for shipbuilders. This phase was closely designed with Dematec’s electrical engineering design to ensure an overall cohesive and practical design.

To manage the project efficiently, Ingenia split the scope of works for the design into 3 phases, namely, preliminary design, detailed design, and project closeout.

Prelimnary Design:

Ingenia provided a preliminary design and 3D model of the system, in which a risk assessment of the model in the form of a “Safety in Design (SiD), was provided.

Detailed Design:

The detailed design included, but not limited to, the design of:

  • Structural members, including calculations
  • Connections and Joints
  • Connection points for access between the towers and ship blocks
  • Railings and mesh around the tower for ease of access and safety
  • Structural support of pipework and electrical systems
  • Lifting Design and Analysis.
  • Gas pipework design and compliance to relevant standards.
  • Detailed modelling and drawings.

Fabrication and Project Closeout:

As part of the fabrication and project closeout phase, to aid in the fabrication and installation, Ingenia compiled the following documentation:

  • Workshop Drawings
  • FAT Testing Plan
  • SAT Testing and Commisioning Plan
  • As-built drawings
  • Installation Procedure
  • O&M Manuals

Overall we are proud to have been a significant part of this project, with the successful delivery of the towers to ANI, BAE, and the wider defence industry.