Design & Drafting

At Ingenia, our designs incorporate functionality, performance and maintainability, areas that are crucial to the project outcome.

We develop practical designs which meet client’s needs whilst complying with relevant regulations and standards. Our capabilities allow us to document our designs, and enable our clients to visualise upgrades and complete any pre-production evaluations before signing off on the job.

These design services are provided in the following ways:

  • 2D design and 3D modelling
    • BIM Modeling using REVIT
    • Machine design with Inventor
  • Shop Detailing
    • Detailing with Advance Steel
  • Onsite terrestrial scans and data capture
  • Design review meetings and virtual design visualisation presentations
  • Concept and detailed design drawings and fabrication shop drawings
  • UAV spatial scans and condition assessments utilising AI
  • UAV thermal inspections
  • VR capabilities

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Silo Concept Study
UAV Inspection