Cooling Tower Access Platforms

Incorporating a UAV mission, Ingenia were able to deliver engineered designs for the client with visual representations of the finished project.

Utilising a UAV in our workflow, we were able to deliver a highly accurate model of the site by combining our total station points with markers in our UAV mission. Using this technique we are able to achieve an accuracy of +/-10mm or less. This opens up a whole range of opportunities such as a greater understanding of the site without the requirements of revisiting to capture forgotten dimensions. With a total of 3 Sites to be installed with Access Platforms, Cooling Tower 1 was selected to be scanned using the drone because of its difficult location. In accordance with our WHS Policy, SWMS & CASA Regulations the area was cordoned off to restrict personal access. Points were taken using our Total Station system which were used in both the point cloud generation as well as reference markers in the 3D Model for the platform to ensure greater accuracy.