Hermannsburg Tank Vessel Design

Project Scope

Ingenia was recently engaged by McMahon Services to assist with a project that included the supply, construction and site installation of a new elevated water tank and water main pipeline at Hermannsburg in the NT. The water tank was for the Aboriginal community of Hermannsburg, located 130km west of Alice Springs.


In addition to the complexities that come with delivering a project in a remote location, the tank itself was no small task. Measuring 8.5m in diameter and 3.4m high, the tank had the capacity to hold 160kl of drinking water. The Ingenia team assisted with the design of the tank and its platform, as well as the structural frame it would stand on and access ways around the tank itself. A 250t crane was utilised to lift the platform and tank in just one lift, with the platform and tank weighing in at a whopping 22 tonnes and standing 21m high.


This project was successfully delivered through good teamwork, coordination and communication amongst the multiple parties involved, from the designing phase through to the final site installation and testing. A great outcome for the people of Hermannsburg.

Hermannsburg tank and platform lift