Forensic Engineering

We have conducted investigations that have saved our clients in excess of $300,000 per annum from just one 8 hour session.

Ingenia offers unique Forensic Engineering services to assist clients who have suffered:

  • A serious machine, plant or equipment failure
  • Repeated failures of a component or machine

Our Forensic Engineering services include:

Facilitated failure investigations

Using our experienced facilitators, we work with your team and any experts or stakeholders you nominate to conduct a failure investigation. We use tools including Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to achieve quick and accurate identification of the main causes and contributing factors of the failure.

Using Ingenia as an independent facilitator helps to keep the review process objective and enables our clients to access effective tools without needing advanced training for its employees.

Clients can choose just to have a facilitated review to identify the causes and contributing factors and then develop their own solutions. Alternatively, we can facilitate the development of either an action plan or we can design and develop solutions for the client.

We work with the client to identify the best approach to assess the failure and develop solutions.

Depending on the complexity of the failure, and the evidence and data available, a facilitated analysis can be completed within one session of 8 hours.

Warranty and insurance

Where required, our services extend to pursuing warranty claims or proper commercial outcomes from suppliers.  We can also provide reports and expert opinions for insurance claims.

Engineering analysis techniques and tools

Part of our unique capability is the expertise to analyse stress, fatigue, vibration, thermal and fluid factors using advanced tools:

  • FEA Stress – Linear Elastic and Inelastic (Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 360, Strand 7 and Microstran)
  • FEA modal analysis
  • Fatigue analysis tools (Autodesk)
  • Fluid flow modelling (Autodesk 360)
  • Air flow modelling (Autodesk 360)
  • Vibration Analysis (SKF Microlog)

Quick response
We understand that in most cases, these services must be delivered quickly to allow clients to mitigate their risk and losses. As such, we treat our Forensic Engineering services as a priority.

Ingenia engineering solutions

Where required, we can provide effective services to redesign, modify or re-specify maintenance or other technical parameters to prevent further failure. We use advanced tools and our high-level expertise to develop these solutions.

These services are available across Adelaide and regional areas, Perth, Darwin and other locations upon request.