VR CAD Visualisation

Ingenia are on the cutting edge of VR technology, using the latest industry equipment and programs to deliver a fully-featured product.

If you’re planning new building works for your site, or renovations to existing structures, Ingenia can help you design, visualise and manage the project from the ground up. VR CAD Visualisation is just one part of the process, and can be provided on its own, or in conjunction with our specialist engineering and design services.

We can take your Inventor, Solidworks, or Revit model and create an immersive environment in which to view it.

Coupled with our UAV Modelling Service, our team can provide a high quality, polished solution that is suitable for presentation to all of your stakeholders. By taking your existing site and merging it with the new, this will give you the best understanding of what your project will look like when it is brought to life.

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